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Why Commerce Talen ?

Extensive offer

Your organisation is unique. And so are our language courses. You have a choice of Flex and Intensive courses, and of workshops in Conversation, Telephoning and Business Writing. These workshops will help you improve your skills in speaking face tot face, speaking over the telephone, and/or in writing emails. 

Tailored approach

The language trainer will tailor the corse to your job, needs and goals, and to the daily operations of our business. Day and time of the training sessions will be determined in consultation.  


Our language trainers are highly experienced and thoroughly professional. They work exclusively for the business sector.  

Corporate lesson materials

Chunk guides, grammar exercises,telephone skills syllabus, trainer's own materials, your own corporate matarials.


You will communicate mote effectively, with more confidence and assertiveness. With a larger vocabulary and more appropriate language use. This will enable you to interact more smoothly and more succesfully with your international business relations.   


With sufficient attendance and effort, 40 hours of language training is enough to advance by one CERF level. 


We offer courses in German, English, French, Spanish, Italians, Dutch, and 10 other languages. The courses focus on more than just the language: you will also learn about business etiquette and the genaral culture in the country concerned.  

Course participants

Our training courses are for everyone who needs to speak a certain language as part of his or her job. 

Professional method

Our method includes an intake interview, intake report, interim evaluation, final evaluation, report with an assessment of your progress, and a certificate.  

Tuition fee discount

We offer a 5% discount on an follow-up training course. Business that require a large number of language courses a year are eligible for substancial volume discounts.  

Special needs ?

Training sessions at home, in the evening or on Saturdays? Special assistance with company presentations, product launches or trade fair representation? We are at your service. 

For customers

We offer a free intake inerview and intake report, translation services at favourable rates, and (volume) discounts on tuition fees.  

Satisfied customers

Read customers' reviews of our language training courses. More than 100 companies have lead the way. You can read a selection here


General Terms & Conditions

The general terms and conditions of Commerce Talen can be found hereCommerce Talen, Chamber of Commerce Den Haag, VAT NL 175.111.613.B01.                                          

Business language training: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.  


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